Your Niche Trucking Market Will Bring You Success

14 May, 2018

I was thinking the other day about what can help an owner-operator find success. Most truckers, after all, at least think about becoming OOs, and you should probably begin the process of thinking about it early in your trucking career. And by early I mean start learning about being an owner-operator from your first class […]

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11 Key Steps to Take to Become an Owner-Operator (Looking Down the Road!)

15 Apr, 2018

As you consider entering trucking, you may be wondering if you could become an owner operator.. Going on your own can have many pluses, as I’m sure you learned at your CDL Training School, in New Brunswick or elsewhere. Being an OO has these great advantages: Controlling your own schedule Owning your own truck Controlling […]

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The 8 Best Apps for Truckers (and Car Drivers, Too!)

20 Feb, 2018

The old saying is, “You can’t get there from here”. Once upon a time, that may have been true in large parts of Canada and the U.S. In 2018, however, truckers–and drivers–can rely on technology to make sure they get where they’re going, quickly and efficiently. While keeping paper maps stowed on board–just in case–smart […]

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What Canadian Truckers Need to Know about Driving in the US

12 Feb, 2018

Canadian truckers are frequently called on to driver loads to or make pickups in the U.S.–or both. The closeness between the two countries makes frequent border crossing both possible and desirable.  Truckers who are willing to make these trips will find a great way to increase their income. Your CDL driving school will probably address […]

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Trucking: A Lucrative Career

15 Jan, 2018

Trucking is a rewarding career. While it can pose strains on both drivers and families, the financial rewards and sense of freedom can work for many truckers. Finding the way to balance home and work life is key to making a success of the profession. Trucking is a strong viable career and will remain so […]

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