We’re proud of the driver education we provide to our students.Please see what they have to say as well and some of the good times they have together

at our school. We do our best to serve our students, families, and communities with

a professional and comfortable driver education experience that will keep them safe on the roads for years and years to come.


We have been providing the highest quality training in New Brunswick for over 25 years, and pride ourselves on providing our students the best possible learning environment. Our curriculum is approved by the

Province of New Brunswick and The Trucking Human Resources Sector Council Atlantic.

Richard Francis

A training facility that provides the skills you need to be successful in meeting the needs within the trucking industry .

Jean-Marc Hebert

it is a really good place to take your truckers liscence, its a great company and also great instructors

Sam Maillet

Just got my class one today and couldn’t have asked for a better group of instructors to help me get it

Cameron James McNaughton

I’m attending the class one now and I love it great experience and awesome instructors looking forward to jump in that truck

Bob Tucker

Awesome group of instructors. Shawn, the classroom instructor, was a funny guy but when someone did something that he was impressed with, he had no problem telling you. Ricky, my driver trainer in Miramichi was awesome as well. Likewise, when you did something that was good, he told you. Donna and Wanda…Well…I wouldn’t be where I am right now without those two.

Brian Kirouac

Best place to go for class 1E driver training. With all the driver instructor there is over 135 yrs experience. Vary happy to be a student from that school success rate is over 99% that you will come out with your class 1E. And they will go out of there way to get into the seat with a company they can’t guaranty it but they will help you to get there vary happy with my outcome


It is a really good place to take your truckers licence, its a great company and also great instructors


Great place to learn the proper skills of the road and have to confidence to hit the road after training.


I took the 12-week Trucking course last year with Trans-Canada College, and I’ve been employed ever since. I had no trouble getting a job after my internship, and being on unemployment for years, it feels great to be earning a good wage. I love the freedom that my job offers, and I love the people I work for.


The year 2012 started out normal, but in February things changed, I got laid off, after 32 years as a draftsman technician I was unemployed. I searched for a whole year for a decent job, but could not find anything suitable.

My wife suggested I look into trucking, this seemed like the only area that was actively hiring, and her father was
a trucker for over 30 years with CN, so I did.

I went to the trucking show at the coliseum in June 2013, and decided to apply for truck driving school. I called GW Driver Training (now called College Trans-Canada College), and they gave me all the info I needed to enroll.

After getting all the tests and paper worked filled in, I enrolled and got accepted.
I started the 12 week course on July 22nd . I quickly found out that the course would be a fun, I had great classmates, and the instructors were really friendly and helpful. Dave Mcintyre was our classroom instructor, I looked forward to class every day. Donna and Gerry were our driving instructors as well as Dave. My 8 weeks flew by very fast.

I enjoyed driving around with the instructors, they were supportive and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed backing up, practicing in the field every chance I got. My father in law always said “If you can’t back up an 18 wheeler, you should not drive one forward”, so I practiced, I had never backed anything up with a trailer before, especially with a 53 foot trailer. Double clutch shifting was an experience. My up shifting was ok, but down shifting I was struggling with.

Dave offered a full morning of one on one with me, and I soon learned what I was doing wrong, I now had it right.

After the 8 weeks in class I applied at Midland with Yvon Maillet for my 4 weeks on the job internship. The 4 weeks went by fast, and I soon was done. I graduated from the school, and got hired by Midland right away. I now have been with Midland since October 2013 on the Michelin run, running team with my coach Bill Spencer. I really enjoy the experience.

I think College Trans-Canada College is one of the best schools, I learned so much, they helped me start a new career, I could not have done it without the help of Dave, Donna, Gerry and Eric. I highly recommend the school, without hesitation…period.

Thanks you for what you have done for me, I will keep in touch. Cheers and see you on the road.


After finally landing a management Position in my chosen profession, The Company I had been employed with for just over a year closed. Thirty plus people in our small town suddenly unemployed. I realized that the skill set I had been trained for 20 years prior, was no longer a marketable skill in my area. The trucking industry is, and has been, a stable employment arena in not only my area, but In North America as a whole.

I decided at 53 years old it was time for a change. It was time to make myself a more marketable employee.

I researched local Class 1 Training schools. I was immediately impressed with TranCanada’s College’s Class 1 internship success rate, as well as their employment placement assistance program.

The Instructors were very professional, and knowledgeable. Experienced veterans in the Logistics field with a wide variety of trucking experience to share.

After Graduation for the first time in my work career, I had the marketable skills to choose the company I wanted to begin my new career with.

I no longer fear the unemployment line, as I now know I now am a marketable employee in any part of North America
I wish to call home.

Thank you Trans Canada College for a new bright successful future.